Tokenplace Overview

Considering the problems outlined in the section above, we recognize that one of the biggest needs in the cryptocurrency market today is a more convenient, user-friendly, and widely inclusive trading terminal for cryptocurrencies.

Our solution, called Tokenplace, will have 5 key advantages over traditional cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • A single, simple window for depositing, exchanging, trading, and withdrawing funds
  • The quickest possible one-time registration and onboarding process, with one Tokenplace account and password for access to the whole market and all trading pairs
  • Aggregated liquidity from the entire crypto market, enabling traders to easily buy and sell at the best available prices
  • Automated order-splitting, enabling traders to fulfill their order via a number of smaller orders across several exchanges
  • An easy-to-understand UI on both mobile and desktop that will lower the barrier to entry for new traders

Based on our extensive market research, we are confident that these features will make Tokenplace appealing to existing traders while also helping safely bring new participants into the cryptocurrency market.

Critically, we will not charge any outright fees for traders. This means that they will pay the usual trading commissions to exchanges and service providers, but there will be no added transaction fees for going through Tokenplace. Therefore, our small subscription fee for Premium service will easily pay for itself in the course of one or several trades.

At the same time, our solution can be far more convenient for traders than existing infrastructure. Instead of going through KYC procedures for every exchange, tracking login information across multiple accounts, and having to switch back and forth to find the best liquidity and prices, all of that can be replaced by a single Tokenplace account.

Our business model is based on a subscription fee for the order-splitting feature available in Tokenplace Premium, as well as on symbiotic relationships with as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible, where we essentially act as a brand affiliate that drives business to the trading platforms in exchange for a cut of the commissions they earn from our users. Not only is this beneficial for us and the exchanges, but it also benefits the cryptocurrency market as a whole. When traders can easily buy and sell at the best available prices, it means that the price disparities across exchanges will shrink because the supply and demand of each one is less isolated from the others.

In this way, Tokenplace can benefit users, exchanges, and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

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