Tokenplace has launched a utility token, TOK, roughly along the model successfully established by BNB. However, we will push beyond the basic utility/exchange coin structure, using Tokenplace as a platform to innovate new venture funding models in the crypto space. 

Tokenplace will also launch Tokenplace Delta, an ecosystem that facilitates token creation and exchange for companies of all kinds.

4.1 TOK Coin

The first piece of our solution is an exchange-utility token called TOK Coin. This digital asset is meant to reflect the value of the Tokenplace ecosystem. As the number of traders and investors using the Tokenplace terminal increases along with their cumulative trade volume, the usefulness of TOK also increases.

In addition, TOK Coin will give holders a few unique benefits:

  • Reduced subscription fee when paid in TOK
  • Discounts to traders who hold large amounts of TOK, similarly to what Binance does with BNB
  • Lowered fees at Tokenplace’s partner exchanges

Perhaps most importantly, a portion of the total supply of TOK Coin will be kept out of circulation in a reserve. The purpose of this reserve is to provide the necessary liquidity for Tokenplace to be able to aggregate the best cryptocurrency prices from leading exchanges.

We will have corporate accounts with various crypto exchanges which will be used to place orders from our users onto the exchanges themselves. Since we can’t constantly send funds back and forth between our platform and numerous other exchanges, we need to have some stable source of liquidity for our corporate accounts in order to place orders on those exchanges in real time. 

TOK Coin will be the financial vehicle that unites all of our corporate exchange accounts and connects them with the Tokenplace trading platform. At the same time, it will be used for rebalancing all of our accounts so that we consistently have the desired liquidity to be able to execute trades immediately at the best prices across the market. This is described in greater detail in Section 6: System Architecture.

We will work to set up direct trading pairs between TOK and many other cryptocurrencies so that this process becomes even more efficient, but the TOK reserve will give us the funds needed to place buy orders on other exchanges from the beginning through the TOK → BTC → altcoin bridge.

4.2 Tokenplace Delta

Tokenplace Delta acts as a business accelerator providing token tools and an ecosystem for growth for companies of all kinds. Delta offers bespoke token creation services in a regulated stablecoin environment. 

By creatively engaging customers using tokens and smart contracts, companies can leverage tokenomics and gamification to drive cash flow and engagement. Each company’s unique tokens will be linked to the TPD stablecoin and equipped with a variety of functions such as loyalty programs, pre-sale rewards, staking, and more. 

These coins take brand engagement to a new level by making customers into stakeholders. If a customer decides to move on, TPD-based tokens can be easily traded on our no-fee secondary market, the Tokenplace Terminal. Tokenplace Delta companies also benefit from our P2P financial services to access credit and earn interest. Teams and users can engage with our ecosystem using a variety of digital assets (USD, BTC, CBDCs, etc), and leverage decentralized finance tools. 

We’re here to help young companies grow and reach the open seas!

 Companies Swimming in the Tokenplace Delta


Startups still looking for their first revenue

  • Use tokens to incentivize first sales, pre-sale of future deliverables, or subscription packages
  • Leverage tokens in partnership with Kickstarter-like systems or social marketing platforms

Young, active companies pushing towards their next round of financing

  • Rapidly and efficiently boost user base and impress VCs
  • Incentivize an active community for word-of-mouth and referral marketing
Big fish

Established companies looking to pivot or take the next step forward

  • Engage with a new, blockchain-savvy demographic
  • Maximize marketing dollars by tapping the vast potential of tokenomics and gamification

Easy Channels to the IPO Ocean (Find Your Own Path!)

TP Delta Straight to IPO

TP Delta Traditional venture capital IPO

TP Delta STO (security token offering) platforms Venture capital IPO

TP Delta Equity crowdfunding platforms Venture capital IPO

TP Delta CartaX Private asset marketplaces Venture capital IPO

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