Token Distribution

The first emissions of our utility token TOK will be given to early adopters as part of our presale and word-of-mouth campaign. We believe that users should have a share in the success of the company they give their business to, and that smart use of token rewards can help generate an early user base and cash flow.

The second phase will be to make TOK available for purchase on exchanges. Distributing TOK to early investors is a good way to jumpstart some exchange volume for the coin, making it more useful as a liquidity tool in our smart trading engine.

Below are the specifications of the TOK Coin supply

Token Information

Name: TOK Coin

Ticker: TOK

Token standard: ERC20

Tokens available for Early Adopter program and token sale: 155,000,000

Token price: $0.02

In total, there will be 155,000,000 TOK given out and sold through the exchanges, representing 60% of the total token supply.

Of the remaining 87,500,000 TOK, 55,000,000 will be withheld from circulation as a reserve. This will play an extremely important role in the Tokenplace trading platform because it will be used to provide liquidity to the users, as described earlier in ​Section 3.2​ . Also note that any tokens which go unsold will be sent to our liquidity reserve.

The complete token distribution can be seen in the figure below.

Figure 4: Total token allocation assuming hard cap is reached

Additionally, we will always have the option to use revenue in a “buyback and burn” program for TOK, similarly to Binance’s program for their BNB token. This gives us an extra tool for balancing the token economy of the whole project. At the same time, we can use revenue to buy back tokens and add them to our liquidity pool rather than burn them, which we would consider if we believed that such an action would be more beneficial for our users.

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