Token Distribution

Below are the specifications of the TOK Coin supply.

Token Information

Name: TOK Coin

Ticker: TOK

Token standard: ERC20

Total supply: 250,000,000 TOK 

Three rounds of TOK distribution to investors will take place: Seed, Private, and Public. 

25,000,000 tokens, or 10% of the total, will be distributed in the Seed round, sold at $0.0150. These will vest at 10% TGE, with the remainder over a 6-month period.  

The Private round will distribute 37,500,000, or 15% of the total supply, at $0.0225, with 10% TGE and the rest over 5 months. 

57,500,000 Tokens will be distributed in the Public round, making up 23% of the total, sold at $0.0300 with 10% TGE and a 4-month vesting period for the remainder. 

Additionally, we will always have the option to use revenue in a “buyback and burn” program for TOK, similarly to Binance’s program for their BNB token. This gives us an extra tool for balancing the token economy of the whole project. At the same time, we can use revenue to buy back tokens and add them to our liquidity pool rather than burn them, which we would consider if we believed that such an action would be more beneficial for our users.

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