Tokenplace presents: a vision for Economy 3.0

Your choice creates value

Every customer is rewarded for participating in the community through digital assets: this is the company of the future.
Who determines the growth of a company’s market cap?

What is the reason behind the massive market caps of Facebook, Uber, and others? Perhaps it’s the size of the investment in technology?

Users are the ones who create capitalization, and they get nothing in return

However, the dividends accrue only to the founders and investors. A user is just a number that someone profits from, enticing them to join and selling their data to advertisers

Your choice as a user drives the value of a company. Instagram is worth $100 billion only because of its billion users. Lyft loses money, but was chosen by 18.6 million people, and so is valued at $24.3 billion.

Can digital assets alter this situation?
Yes, if the cryptocurrency put in the hands of users is tied to the company’s real valuation.
Today, there are two obstacles in the way of this

The real valuation of a company still operates by real economy metrics and is denominated in fiat. Crypto valuations are detached from the real world.


Since the value of the whole cryptocurrency market is tied to the volatile value of bitcoin, capitalization can suddenly change in mere seconds.

Introducing Economy 3.0
For those who aren’t satisfied with being just a number
That the company of the future will evolve to a new understanding of the customer’s stake in the business. Each client will be understood as a participant in the business outcomes and the company’s success.
How will we do this?
We tie the company’s valuation in fiat terms with the digital asset using cross-coin architecture.
Funded via the company’s actual value and shielded from the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies. Directly dependent on the number of users of the service and their volume of activity, which determines the company’s value.
Issued for part of the company’s equity. Acts as the funding source for the TOK platform token
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The vision we germinate today will grow into the new business mainstream of tomorrow.
The ultimate crypto trading tool.