Tokenplace Unveils TOK and TOK/ETH Staking Pools on the TrustSwap Platform

In an effort to support early investors, Tokenplace today announced the launch of a new staking opportunity backed by $100k worth of liquidity. This move is also a sign of Tokenplace’s deepening engagement with the TrustSwap ecosystem. The partnership is strengthened by the teams’ mutual commitment to driving mass adoption of crypto by providing next-generation tools to both new users and veteran holders. Offering multiple value propositions to holders of digital assets fits perfectly with this vision.

Staking on the TrustSwap platform is a one-click affair via their Launchpad Staking Pools app. The staking pools will open for business within 72 hours of this announcement.  

The staking opportunity will take the form of two pools: one for the TOK token itself, and one for the TOK/ETH Uniswap V2 (UNIV2) token. UNIV2 is the liquidity token that users receive when staking on Uniswap. This dual structure aims to generate maximum liquidity for the token as TOK’s currently low market cap increases to the levels of its presumptive competitors in the retail trading terminals segment.

Tokenplace’s native TOK token had its IDO in May via the TrustSwap launchpad, and is now reaching a new level of maturity. The TOK smart contract was recently audited by CertiK’s “Fundamental Protection and Assessment” protocol, and passed with flying colors.

A key aspect of Tokenplace and TrustSwap’s mutual vision for an accelerated mass adoption of crypto is taking advantage of the versatility of digital assets. Early investors in launchpad startups like Tokenplace have the upside of participating in a growing business, taking advantage of TOK’s utility functions, as well as benefiting financially from locking up their tokens in TrustSwap’s staking pools.  

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