Tokenplace Unveils Detailed Roadmap Responding to User Needs and Market Research

Since the launch of Tokenplace 1.0 six months ago, the Tokenplace devs have worked wonders to build up a highly competitive multi-exchange trading platform with smart order-splitting algorithms, industry-leading data speed, and cutting-edge security. In the period since then, a combination of increasingly sophisticated market research and direct feedback from users has allowed us to draft a detailed roadmap up to the completion of all phases of our development plan as laid out in the white paper by the end of 2023. Since Tokenplace’s goal is to be the ultimate cryptocurrency trading platform, we cannot rest on our laurels. We will continue to build features and improve performance indefinitely. Therefore this roadmap also outlines a further development plan for Q1 of 2024, upon which we will continue to build the future of crypto trading.

User feedback and market research has given the Tokenplace team greater insights into the needs of the pro trader, who is most likely to use a high-performance multi-exchange terminal like Tokenplace. Much of the core functionality most in demand by this group of advanced traders is already built. 11 leading exchanges are connected, which covers the majority of liquidity available on the market. Smart order-splitting and routing algorithms are in place, which offers the single most tangible benefit to traders who operate multiple exchange accounts: the ability to find the best price and optimize trades automatically. Tokenplace wallets and a powerful DEX trading tool are also up and running. Finally, a clean and beautiful UI is in place with trading and portfolio views that make work much easier and more pleasurable for hard-working traders. 

The next stages of development will continue to add features that are most needed by advanced multi-exchange traders: expanded order types, notifications, new portfolio tools, trading bots, widgets, and more. Since our research and feedback has indicated that mobile apps for trading terminals are not in great demand by pro traders, we have reduced the priority for this feature in favor of more urgently needed tools such as an admin panel, referral program, fiat gateways and additional wallet options. 

In Q3 of this year, Tokenplace will also transition to the paid subscription phase of our business plan, making the most advanced algorithms and order types available only to subscribers. Since we will operate on a subscription-only model, without additional fees, the very low price point of this subscription means that the savings our algorithms provide make it pay for itself in a single trade. Holders of the TOK token will get discounts on the subscription, and basic multi-exchange trading functions will continue to be available for free.       

The overarching structure of the development plan outlined in the roadmap presented above is to create the best high-performance API-based pro trading tool, which will lay the foundation for the single-account version to be released in late 2023. The technical and strategic aspects of this development arc go hand-in-hand. As we build a strong user base of pro traders, we will perfect fundamental data systems, trading algorithms, security protocols, and UX. This will make our entry into the single-account liquidity aggregation market extremely robust. The clout, community strength, and internal liquidity generated by this core group of pro users will pave the way for the business aspects of the transition to the single-account phase. 

As tech development continues apace, the roadmap also outlines marketing goals for 2022 and beyond. A stepped-up marketing campaign in Q2 will begin the process of attracting a larger user base in the lead-up to the launch of paid subscriptions in Q3. This will be accompanied by increased content creation, both in tutorials and an improved product wiki as well as crypto education content aimed at a broad audience. 

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