Tokenplace Unveils $100K TOK Staking Pool On-Platform

Tokenplace has announced that a new $TOK staking pool will go live on the platform next week. 

Late last year, the Tokenplace brain trust formulated a plan to share revenue with our community. Unlike some other crypto companies who think only in the short-term, Tokenplace is committed not only to the crypto movement as a whole, but also to the idea that tech businesses should be run in a more democratic way. Thus, we believe that revenue should be shared with those who are largely responsible for creating the value of a tech company – the users. 

While Tokenplace is still hard at work building out our full-featured single-entry gateway into the world of crypto, we already have an amazing community of $TOK holders and early adopters who we believe should be rewarded for their belief and commitment. That’s why we’re unveiling a $TOK staking pool, drawing on our startup runway funds.

Funding for the staking pool, which will be funded by the equivalent of $100K in TOK tokens, will draw on Tokenplace’s community/marketing budget, which was established during the seed/public round of fundraising that occurred in May of last year. While it’s important to spend our marketing dollars wisely on bringing in new audiences and investors, we believe it’s also appropriate to reward those who have already bought in.

Tokenplace will provide the staking pool functionality directly on the platform. This is just a precursor to many other services being available on Tokenplace, in addition to our flagship service of providing a single interface for trading on all 35+ leading crypto exchanges. Tokenplace wallets and fiat/crypto ramps will also be added soon. 

We welcome all $TOK holders to stake their long-term holdings on the Tokenplace pool and receive steady earnings as we continue to make moves towards becoming the one-stop-shop for crypto in 2022!

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