Tokenplace’s TOK Token Approved for Listing on the Zipmex Exchange

Zipmex has approved Tokenplace’s TOK token for listing on the exchange. Due to regulatory compliance rules, the announcement of the listing must precede the token going live; trading is set to commence within a week of this announcement. This listing may save new investors significant fees by offering an opportunity to buy TOK via an established CEX. 

In Tokenplace’s journey towards becoming a leading global brand in retail crypto trading, two key objectives are 1): meeting all regulatory challenges, and 2): penetrating large Asian markets. In both cases, Zipmex is an ideal partner. 

Singapore-based Zipmex is a leading crypto exchange in Southeast Asia, where they have made excellent progress working with the leading regulatory institutions in the region. They are licensed and regulated by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission, and as of May 2021 have been granted a brokerage license for cryptocurrency and digital tokens by the Thai SEC.

Zipmex entities have also made great progress in working with regulators in Indonesia and Australia. They have a close working relationship with their home country regulator, the Singaporean Monetary Authority, which supervises the company and has granted Zipmex exempted entity status under Payment Service Act. 

Tokenplace has already begun growing its Asian footprint, with an active Chinese-language community, and a listing on The Zipmex listing is a promising foray into Southeast Asia and a step towards building a good relationship with powerful regulators across the globe.  

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