Tokenplace’s TOK is Now Live for Swap on DCTDEX on DWETH/TOK Pair

When Tokenplace conducted its pre-sale of our native TOK token on TrustSwap last week, we were able to save users from high Ethereum gas fees by giving users a chance to pay for their allocation via Avalanche.  

After listing on UniSwap, Balancer, and, TOK will now trade on DCTDAO with the DWETH/TOK pair. 

Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem. The Avalanche blockchain enables high transaction throughput plus sub-second finality without compromising decentralization (currently supports 970+ validators).

DCTDAO is a quantum-resistant, gas-less, cross-chain DEX; users do not need to leave their blockchain ecosystem of choice to access assets in other blockchain ecosystems. 

Users of other blockchains like Ethereum will no longer have to sell their tokens and jump through hoops on CEXs to trade their tokens just to purchase TOK. Ethereum holders can simply convert their ETH to WETH and bridge it via DCTDEX to start swapping for TOK on the TOK/DWETH pair.

For a tutorial on how to bridge to DWETH and start trading on DCTDAO, follow this YouTube link

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