Tokenplace: Founders Spotlight

Bitcoin or Doge? Coinbase or Binance? You pick. Whatever your belief system or age, these founders got you covered across multiple exchanges globally.

Tokenplace was founded by a team who have long been preparing for the mass adoption of crypto, way before the rally in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A few years ago, the mainstream majority was crypto-sceptic. Now, even incumbents on Wall Street have started to pay attention and enter the market.

Founders Nina Knox and Evgeny Grachev met in the crypto community in 2020. Nina was passionate about the future of crypto adoption, and an advocate for women in blockchain. When her teenage son began mastering trading skills and working with a hedge fund, she got a crash course in the crypto trading scene. She had previously worked with a number of blockchain startups after her adventurous global career at Big 4 consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. She saw where the future of cryptech and DeFi was heading. Evgeny was a serial entrepreneur, having recently launched a successful VR commerce venture, and was an active crypto trader. 

Nina was a buy-and-hold crypto believer, while Evgeny was a trader opening numerous different exchange accounts to find the best price. He wasn’t pleased with the process. The thing they had in common was a keen sense of business and focus on the retail markets, as the number of crypto users has been skyrocketing. They both wanted to bring efficiency and scale to the rapidly (and chaotically) growing crypto market. As it turned out, Evgeny and Nina had attended the same high school in central Moscow, years apart. Both had honed their business skills in startup and business environments in Moscow and New York. 

The Tokenplace vision is simple: let people access the whole crypto market with one single account. There is great emphasis placed on the quality of the interface and user experience. It is clean and intuitive enough to draw in new traders, yet safe and powerful to satisfy the needs of seasoned veterans. Trading in cryptocurrency markets has boomed and more than 100 million people around the world are now using cryptocurrencies, including millions of retail investors and traders on crypto exchanges. A growing number of baby-boomers and Gen-Xers are also becoming interested in investing, looking to diversify their portfolios with digital assets. 

After deciding to found Tokenplace, Nina and Evgeny did the market and technical research, and began developing the Token Trade engine, which would be able to aggregate liquidity from all exchanges. This would allow new traders to skip getting multiple exchange accounts, and get a single-KYC Tokenplace account to trade across the whole market globally. Their optimistic estimate of the number of crypto traders has come true: based on recent research, trading volumes on major crypto exchanges soared to an astonishing $1.7 Trillion just last April 2021.

In order to create the needed community and liquidity pools for this solution, the TOK coin and the Tokenplace API-based 1.0 platform were created. 

The Tokenplace founders represent a new generation of entrepreneurs who combine a strong vision of the future of blockchain with rigorous business know-how. As crypto trading has taken off, the diverse landscape of exchanges has not adapted to the realities of a mass-market future for crypto trading. 

Nina Knox was nimble enough to pivot to crypto after a successful early career in the slow moving enterprise and Big 4 worlds, partially due to being attuned to what her teenage son was seeing in the emerging crypto scene. “I’ve always loved the energy of advising tech startups, fascinated by their drive, grit, agility and hunger for an alternative. After seeing the explosion of enthusiasm in the crypto scene, I knew that building and growing a crypto venture would be an amazing journey!” In addition, Nina’s mission and passion is to bring true inclusivity to the space and empower more girls and women to create their own independent wealth by investing and trading crypto. She strongly believes that it can be accomplished with education and simple intuitive products.

Hence – Tokenplace. Nina and Evgeny lead a committed team that knows how to get things done and is well aware of the hyper growth potential of the crypto scene. Today, financial giants and initial naysayers like JP Morgan are stealthily getting in the crypto game, following the early adopters. Tomorrow, millions of average people globally will invest in and interact with crypto, including trading. The Tokenplace founders are here to ease that transition and accelerate adoption. They are creating a product that will usher in the global financial system of the future. 

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