Tokenplace Devs Present Research On Zero-Trust Security and Microservices to Computer Science Community

The difficulty of perfecting a platform as complex and security-sensitive as Tokenplace is matched by the cutting-edge work being done by our technical team. Recently, both CTO Ivan Zhuravlev and CISO Vladislav Svolsky spoke about their work at public forums. Our technical team leaders not only implement the fastest, most secure solutions available– they are also on the front lines of pushing the innovations forward.

High-Load Infrastructure 

CTO Ivan Zhuravlev gave a talk at this year’s HolyJS Conference for Javascript developers titled “MoleculerJS: High-load, Fault Tolerance and Distributed Microservices.” Ivan has been a developer for more than 15 years, eight of which have been spent building architecture for distributed high-load systems. His previous projects include the non-profit and industrial sectors, as well as blockchain. He holds two patents and is a leader in the developer community and core maintainer in the MoleculerJS. 

His talk began by defining the concept of microservice architecture, which is contrasted with “monolithic” architectures for providing business services. Microservices are highly maintainable and testable, loosely coupled, independently deployable, and organized around business capabilities. This type of architecture is great for a project like Tokenplace, which aims to scale up rapidly as the era of mass adoption of crypto leads to a huge influx of new users into crypto trading, all of whom will be looking for user-friendly all-in-one apps.

Ivan’s approach to high-load infrastructure is actually a hybrid one, where microservices are grouped into more easily managed nodes. The goal is to have an extremely flexible and fault-tolerant architecture that is fast, distributed, and easy to secure. 

Zero-Trust Security 

Mastering the cybersecurity field means knowing the history. In his appearance on the “telecom” podcast on the popular Russian IT media outlet, Tokenplace security chief Vladislav Svolsky discussed the evolution of internet security protocols from the birth of the IP address to the latest variations of zero-trust architecture. He went on to talk about his own experience moving from theoretical to practical, implementing his previous security research as co-founder of Geek Hack. CTO Ivan Zhuravlev is also a co-founder of Geek Hack, giving Tokenplace a great foundation in the all-important security field. 

Zero-trust is a framework that requires all users, whether in or outside the network, to be authenticated and constantly validated before being granted access to applications and data. Zero Trust assumes that there is no traditional network edge; networks can be local, in the cloud, or a hybrid, with resources anywhere and workers in any location. Zero Trust is great for securing infrastructure and data for a modern platform like Tokenplace. It addresses the challenges of a high-security, distributed business, including securing remote workers, hybrid cloud environments, and hacker threats.

Vladislav’s work in high-stakes zero-trust security architecture began as a theoretical research project, but entering into the fintech/cryptocurrency field with Tokenplace has made it possible to bring that know-how into an arena that truly demands such expertise. 

Tokenplace’s team of developers are poised to create architectures that will be robust in the face of major security threats and extremely high volumes in a data-intensive environment. As the team expands, we have great leaders and a solid foundation to allow us to become one of the leading companies of crypto trading 2.0. 

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