Tokenplace Announces Beta Release on October 4

Tokenplace has announced October 4 as the release date for its Beta platform. The full version of Tokenplace, set for release next year, will be a single-account aggregator of the whole crypto market. The Beta platform, on the other hand, is an API-based trading terminal where users can connect all their existing exchange accounts and trade their whole portfolio in one window, with the help of order-splitting algorithms. 

Unlike other such terminals on the market, Tokenplace Beta has a smart order routing system that covers the whole market. This allows users to automate optimizing a given order instead of having to personally scan all the prices at different exchanges and pick the best option by hand. 

The order-splitting feature of the Tokenplace terminal is powered by a vast data gathering operation, which tracks the order books of the entire market in real time. 35+ top exchanges are currently covered, and that list is growing. For more detail on how order-splitting order types work, check out this blog post

Integration of DEXs and a convenient fiat on/offramp are two key features that Tokenplace plans to build on top of the Beta platform in the near future.  

The Beta platform will have a free version, and a paid Elite version. The latter will contain advanced order types and the order-splitting system. Free users will be encouraged to sign up for Elite when they are shown the savings they could be getting by using Tokenplace’s order-optimizing technology.

The goal of the two-stage release of the Tokenplace platform is to create a critical mass of traders actively using the platform. This will make it possible to launch the final, “true aggregator” product with a solid foundation and deep liquidity. Meanwhile, it’s clear that Tokenplace Beta is already a cutting-edge tool that is highly in demand right now in a booming yet volatile digital assets market.

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