The Tokenplace Advantage: Multi-Exchange Smart Orders

What is a day in the life of a crypto trader like?

Exhibit A: Log in to a bunch of exchange accounts, use Alt-Tab to toggle between them and look for the best place to place your order.

Exhibit B: Hook up all your exchange accounts so you can switch between them in a single dashboard. 

Exhibit C: Get a Tokenplace account, where you no longer have to trade on individual accounts, but use algorithms to find the best multi-exchange price automatically. Keep your orders stealthy and optimized without any extra effort. 

Beyond single-window trading

There are lots of options out there for crypto traders to combine their exchange accounts into a single window for ease of use. Tokenplace is the first platform to let them trade on all their exchanges as if it were a single market. You place an order on Tokenplace, and it automatically finds the best option among all your exchange accounts, breaking up the order for optimum price and optimum size (for stealth)

The Smart Post algorithm: patience (and stealth) is a virtue. 

Tokenplace’s Smart Post algorithm is perfect for traders trying to get an edge. We all know this is a game of small margins, and Smart Post helps you win by finding the best real-time price and optimizing order size. 

The first ingredient is market intelligence. Smart Post analyzes the market over the time period leading up to your order, determining an order size that will not move the market. Your full order is not revealed. Small, bite-size chunks are executed on the best exchanges at an appropriate rate. 

This is a patient, but highly effective order type. It overcomes the disparity of prices that may occur at a given moment among various exchanges. Power to the people. 

The SWAT algorithm: 

This is the smart, multi-exchange version of a market order. It attempts to execute immediately on the best exchange at the moment. If the first attempt does not fill the whole order, another order is triggered to fulfill the remainder. 

It’s not as patient or efficient as Smart Post, but it’s an incredible improvement over a standard market order executed on a single exchange account. 

Smart Stop: Bring Your A Game to Stop Loss/Take Profit

A standard stop order on a single exchange account has a couple of disadvantages: lack of intelligence on other exchanges, and poor execution. Smart Stop improves execution by optimizing across exchanges.

You can choose your execution type, selecting between aggressive and patient (optimal) order types. If you are worried about major jumps in the market, you can choose an aggressive (SWAT) order type for your stop order. That way you know you won’t miss on an important instance of volatility. 

If you are comfortable with a more patient order type in your stop order, we encourage you to make use of Smart Stop to fulfill your order. It ensures optimal price and maximum stealth in executing the order, taking into account all exchanges. 

Transcend the crypto exchange scene

Placing an order on a single exchange is old hat. With Tokenplace Elite, you can place an order on the market as a whole, with top-of-the-line algorithms making sure your order is optimized by size and by exchange. 

Tokenplace’s multi-exchange order types are the only way to trade.

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