Our Tokenplace token ($TOK) is available for staking in the DCTDAO Yield Farming Program

This is an exciting day for our investors and members of the Tokenplace community. The DCTDAO Decentralized Exchange has started its Yield Farming Program. 

In recognition of the excitement that Tokenplace and our $TOK token have generated in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, our token has been chosen to participate in this Yield Farming Program. 

Beginning today, our investors will be able to buy and stake $TOK on DCTDAO’s decentralized exchange. 

The following token pairs are now eligible for yield rewards.


At the time of this writing, the APY for this pairing is currently sitting at above 1000%

Getting started is simple.

In order to participate, token holders first have to add liquidity to DCTDAO and stake the liquidity pool tokens on the appropriate staking pool on the TrustSwap staking portal.

Here are the 3 simple steps!

  1. Add liquidity on the DCTDAO Dex
  2. Lock the LP Token on Trustswap 
  3. Reap the yields!

For a detailed tutorial on how to do the bridging, swapping, and farming, check out the following link.

Be advised that this guide is based on staking the VSO/DWETH pair, please adjust accordingly.

Check out the LP Token addresses of the farmable pairs here

The program has begun and stakers are seeing APY’s of over 1000% so head over to the DEX and get started!

About Tokenplace

Tokenplace is a next-generation trading platform that provides a high-level overview into the diverse landscape of digital assets. By connecting all their exchange accounts to the Tokenplace terminal, traders can get the best prices on the market by taking advantage of unique order-splitting algorithms to optimize and conceal their trades.


DCTDAO is a revolutionary new platform that leverages Avalanche fast, gas-less and scalable blockchain with the capability to have multichain swaps to multiple blockchains like Ethereum and others. DCTDAO users can enjoy fast trading with Multi-Wrapped tokens as well as having the ultimate Quantum Proof security. For more information, visit Dctdao.org

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