How to use MyEtherWallet

How to use MyEtherWallet

How to use MyEtherWallet? Step by step instruction.


Creating a MyEtherWallet wallet on the MyEtherWallet website

Go to myetherwallet. Select “Create A New Wallet”:

MEW Manual - step 1
  • You can also change the interface language to Russian, if that’s more convenient for you.
  • The instruction is made using the English version of the site, as see it initially.

A choice of 3 methods to create a wallet:

  1. Using the MEWconnect app;
  2. With a wallet file;
  3. With use of a seed phrase.

The first method will work if you are more comfortable making transactions “on the go” in your smartphone.

Instructions for creating a wallet with MEWconnect are below!

In the meantime, let’s look at the second and third methods in detail.

MyEtherWallet Manual 2

Creating a wallet using Keystore File

Choosing the second option for the creation. Think of a password (at least 9 characters) and click Next:

MEW Manual 3 - KeystoreFile

The site will generate your wallet file. Click Download Keystore File to download it:

MEW Manual 4 - by KeystoreFile

This file is encrypted and you cannot access your wallet without a password. So, write down your password before you forget!

Creating a wallet using a mnemonic phrase

Choose the third option: By Mnemonic Phrase. Think of a password and click Next:

MyEtherWallet 5 Password

You’ll see a list of 12 phrases. Choose 24 so that in the future you can use this wallet in the MEWconnect application:

MyEtherWallet #6 - Mnemonic Phrase

Write this set of words down in a safe place in the same order.

This is a very important step, because the seed phrase gives you full access to your wallet!

After you record, press the button on the bottom.At the end of the wallet creation, you need to enter the missing words from the seed phrase and click Verify:

MyEtherWallet step 7 - Mnemonic Phrase

MewConnect for iOS

Developers of MyEtherWallet presented their free MEW Connect mobile wallet. It is possible to name it as original hybrid which combines convenience and speed of “hot” wallets and safety of hardware devices. MEWconnect stores private keys in local, isolated and secure storage on the device, allowing users to secure their funds 

MEW 8 - MewConnect for iOS
locked with key

The application itself does not use centralized servers for communication, does not collect personal data of users and has an open source code, which gives transparency and the opportunity to the community to check the software itself. Currently, the application is available free of charge only to iOS users, and for encryption MyEtherWallet application uses Apple services. So, to start using MEWconnect, click on the link on iTunes  — and install it on our device. After installation, launch it and click Create New Wallet:

MEW 9 - application for Apple

We come up with a secure password to secure our account. Re-enter your password:

MyEtherWallet 10 - iOs

Once you have come up with a password, a window will appear that you can see on the left screenshot. Click “Start Using MewConnect”. The wallet menu opens. Here you can see your wallet balance (including tokens). To send a transaction, you should press “Scan to connect”. It is best to make a backup of your wallet in advance. To do this, click on the “Back Up” button:

MyEtherWallet N11 for iOs

That’s what QR code scanning windows (for funds transfer) and the window of the wallet backup look like:

MyEtherWallet 12 - QR code scanning

MEWconnect for Android

Click on the application link in GooglePlay — и we install it on your device. After the installation, we enter it and click Create New Wallet:

MyEtherWallet 13 - MEWconnect for Android

We come up with a secure password to secure our account. Repeat its entry:

MyEtherWallet 14 - for Android

When “All done!” appears on the screen, click Start Using MEWconnect:

MEWconnect 15 for Android - start

The wallet registration is now complete. Now you need to make a backup and write down a 24-word seed phrase. To do this, click “Back Up” under your wallet address. In the next window — “Back Up Now”. Write down all the words in order.

This phrase gives you full access to your wallet. So write it down and keep it in a safe place only!

MEW Connect 16 - BackUp

How to enter your wallet

To enter your wallet go to —

Select «Access My Wallet»:

MEW step 17 - enter your Wallet

Among the available methods of access to the wallet:

  • With the help of MEWconnect (you will need to scan the QR code on the website through the application on your smartphone);
  • Hardware — if you have a cold wallet like Ledger, Trezor, etc. (connect your wallet to your computer, enable browser access and try to login to the MEW website);
  • MetaMask — with the help of ETH wallet in the form of browser extension (unlock it by entering the password in the extension and then try to enter the MEW website);
  • Software — using a wallet file, mnemonic phrase or private key.
Access MyEtherWallet 18

How to send Ethereum and tokens

The token and ETH transaction window is in the center.

  • Type — here you choose which asset to send;
  • Amount — the amount of ETH or number tokens to be sent;
  • To Address — the recipient’s address.
MyEtherWallet 19 - send tokens

You can find the list of transactions performed by clicking here:

MyEtherWallet 20 - list of transactions

You can set your gas price in the settings section:

MyEtherWallet 21 - gas price
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