How to use Metamask

Guide Metamask


How to use Metamask? This beginner’s guide will answer all questions related to this wallet.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a browser extension that allows you to work with applications of the Ethereum network without installing additional software. It works locally from your PC.

Installing the Metamask plugin

At the time of writing, Metamask is available for three browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. To install it, go to the site — and click on the button with the name that corresponds to the name of your browser:

Guide Metamask - step 1

A tab opens with the add-in shop for your web browser, where you just need to click “Install”:

Guide Metamask - step 2

After the installation, an image of a fox will appear in the upper right corner of your browser, which means that the installation was successful:

Guide Metamask - 3

Creating a new Metamask wallet

Once the installation was complete, you should have had this tab open:

Guide Metamask - Create new wallet

If not, click on the Metamask icon in the upper right corner of your browser. Click on Get Started.

Since we are creating a new wallet, choose Create a Wallet:

Guide Metamask

This item is optional. If you want to help in the development of Metamask, you can agree to send anonymous data about the work of the purse:

Guide Metamask

Next, we need to come up with a password, re-enter it.

Don’t forget to write down your password somewhere or remember it! Without it, you won’t enter your wallet!

Guide Metamask

At this stage it is necessary to keep the wallet recovery phrase in a safe place.You can either write it to a sheet or save it as a text file (button to the right of Download this Secret Backup Phrase….. :

Guide Metamask - Secret Backup phrase

This is where you put the back-up words in order. Just click on the desired word and it will be automatically displayed in the input field.After you’ve done everything, click Confirm.

Guide Metamask - Confirm Phrase

This completes the registration of the new wallet:

Guide Metamask

Importing an existing wallet

To import your wallets, you need to know private keys from them or either a JSON wallet file. You also need to have an account on Metamask (use the item above — “Creating a new Metamask wallet”). So, to do this, click on the fox icon, log in to your Metamask account. Click on the round button in the upper right corner of the Metamask extension. Next — Import account:

Guide Metamask - import account

Choose a convenient way — JSON file (wallet file) or import with a private key. The only “but”: in Firefox browser, when you import through a wallet file, the add-on window is closed. Therefore, you can go on the trick. Instead of “Import account” click Connect Hardware Walet:

Guide Metamask

A tab will open in the browser, through which you can easily import the wallet file:

Guide Metamask

You can switch between accounts as follows:

Guide Metamask

Sending ETH via Metamask

Once your wallet/import has been created, you will be able to receive/send ETH. To send Ethereum to another wallet, you should press the “Send” button:

Guide Metamask


  • Enter the recipient’s address;
  • Enter the amount;
  • Select the transfer speed you need (different commissions);
  • Click “Next”.
Guide Metamask

Confirm the transfer:

Guide Metamask - Confirm transfer

The transaction is complete:

Guide Metamask

Sending tokens from your Metamask wallet

The tokens are sent in the same way as Ethereum, but only if you choose the token you need here:

Guide Metamask
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