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Tokenplace is a platform for tracking, trading, and managing crypto assets, designed for veterans and rookie traders alike. Our platform aggregates liquidity from the entire market, giving traders the best asset prices available at every moment. We provide a single window for fiat-crypto exchanges, deposits, and trades of all kinds. We aim for the quickest possible onboarding process. All your exchange accounts are synced automatically into one interface. Get a complete view of balances and transactions with pro functionality allowing you to classify, monitor, and export.

Tokenplace has more than 15 employees in our London and Moscow offices. Our team of developers, market specialists, innovators and dreamers want to help shape the future of cryptoeconomic infrastructure.

Unified Trading and Analytics 

Link all your exchange accounts, even multiple accounts from one exchange. Thousands of currency pairs displayed in one window, with best available prices in real time. Tools to track and analyze your entire portfolio.

Portfolio Management and Reporting

The Tokenplace interface  provides you with a full overview of your portfolios and transactions, with detailed daily stat sheets and visualizations. Manage multiple crypto portfolios using a professional analytics toolkit.

Intuitive search and smart classification

Customizable classification of transactions based on your charts. We offer tools to organize your transactions for faster searching and reviewing all your past orders.

Immersive dashboard

View all reports and charts in one window. All your portfolio moves, trade histories, and analytics in one place. Instant detailed overview of your portfolio’s status and history.

We’re counting on it!

We think of Tokenplace as a community-centered platform, and want to make it work for everyone. We need your input to make this happen. Any feedback about our product is welcome and encouraged. You can e-mail us at info@tokenplace.com, and we will discuss it internally! You can also DM us or join the public conversation on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

We are available via E-mail at info@tokenplace.com.

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Tokenplace Premium features the Order-Splitting Wizard, the first-ever automated order splitter available to non-institutional traders. By analyzing all connected exchanges in real time, the Wizard breaks your order down into parts to get the best possible price. There are some other advanced order types that are only available to Premium subscribers. However, the free service is still a powerful tool that offers traders the convenience of having all their exchange accounts and analysis tools in a single interface.

If our partner exchange has enabled this feature, you can make withdrawals in your chosen currency via the Portfolio tab.

It happens instantly.

We built our platform with two goals in mind: to make it easy to use, and to increase your profitability. We offer one convenient window for exchanging cryptocurrencies, withdrawing funds from any exchange, sending funds to wallets, and executing trades. Our terminal offers a clean, simple yet comprehensive toolkit: signals, analytics, all order types, and everything else traders of all experience levels need to do their work profitably. Our Premium service also offers advanced order types and our first-in-class Order Splitting Wizard which optimizes trades by breaking them down across multiple exchanges, generating huge savings.

Traders need to work with new or low-volume coins, which leads to an ever-growing number of accounts with different exchanges.

Many new entrants into cryptocurrency trading are unschooled in professional trading practices; many have never even heard of operations analytics or basic risk management.

People who work on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges waste time searching for various coins, passing identity verification and KYC protocols, and looking for the best prices at a given moment.

Before Tokenplace, there was no single window at the moment where a trader can deposit funds to an exchange wallet or withdraw funds in fiat form.

You pay only those commissions that are indicated on the websites of exchanges where your accounts are registered. Tokenplace does not charge any additional fees for transactions.

We believe that the company of the future will evolve to a new understanding of the customer’s stake in the business. Each client will be understood as a participant in the business outcomes and the company’s success. And customers will be rewarded by the company they choose to give their business to. How will Tokenplace do this? We tie the value of our digital asset to the company’s valuation in fiat terms, using a two-part cross-coin architecture. TOK is a hybrid token which combines the properties of an exchange token and a utility token. Its price is tied to that of TOP, a security token, so that its value represents the value of the ecosystem as a whole. This type of cross-coin architecture will provide consistency between real value and virtual value.

The TOK coin and the TOP security token create a harmonious architecture which integrates the fiat and crypto sides of Tokenplace.

TOK Coin

Funded via the company’s actual value and shielded from the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies. Directly dependent on the number of users of the service and their volume of activity, which determines the company’s value.

The TOP security token

Issued for part of the company’s equity. Acts as the funding source for the TOK platform token.

Markets are transforming. Classic business models are becoming archaic. A new generation demands a new set of rules and freedom of choice. The TokenPlace team is fully invested in the idea that the community should be a stakeholder in the business. Learn about our cross-coin architecture and how it offers a new model of relationship between customers and companies in our whitepaper.

A single account with instant passage of KYC on all exchanges

Universal access to the entire cryptocurrency market and its liquidity simultaneously. Only one Tokenplace account and one password for all major exchanges.

A single window for depositing and withdrawing funds

Make deposits and withdraw funds in seconds straight from the platform to your bank account. Exchange fiat for cryptocurrency at Tokenplace.

SWAP engine

Tokenplace is a centralized platform with elements of decentralization. We are working on a feature that will allow members of our community to swap tokens with each other directly. This feature will also enable you to trade a token on one exchange for tokens on any other exchange in two clicks.

Cross-device compatibility on iOS, Android and Web

Always have your deals in your pocket with our cross-platform access and compatibility (iOS, Android). Easily load up to 25 charts.


Tokenplace supports integration for most of the top exchanges.

Currently you can automatically sync the following: Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC, Houbi, CoinBase Pro, Bitstamp, Bitfinex

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