Ethereum has a new rally

Ethereum has a new rally

The price of second cryptocurrency had a five days rally, its price grew up from $180 at 15 September to $220 at 19 of September. It’s the longest Ethereum rally for last four months. Last time Ethereum saw an outstanding rally from 23th to 27th May: the price raised from $233 to $276 USD. The price growth indicates that crypto community believes Ethereum 2.0 to be successful after Ethereal Summit 2019 in Tel Aviv. You can find more details about Ethereum 2.0. here. If you are going to buy Ethereum, you can find best price on Token Place. Also you may need our MEW and Metamask guides.

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During Ethereal Summit, Joe Lubin, Vitalik Buterin, and other Ethereum Foundation representatives discussed the future and development of the project. During the Q&A session Vitalik answered the questions from community members about Ethereum 2.0. He told about sharding and Ethereum scalability perspectives. Probably now it’s time to change the predictions as ETH price might fall, but these five days it has risen about 20% up, while Bitcoin has fallen for 3%. 

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